Four Reasons Why Prospects Say No To Network Marketing

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There are reasons why prospects say no to network marketing. For many years, a stigma has been placed on MLM. People have associated network marketing to a four letter word. Individuals who joined the profession in the past and for some reason or another, got burned. So now, when you prospect them, they ask if this is network marketing. As soon as you say yes, they hang up on you.

You and I know that MLM is a legitimate business. We’ve done our due diligence and understand the business model. So what’s the problem? Let’s talk about the reasons why prospects say no.

Reason #1. I got burned.

From time to time, you will come across former network marketers who say I was in one of those and got burned. My opinion is there is no such thing as I got burned. It’s the distributor’s responsibility to learn, then implement. If someone got burned, they burned themselves. Network marketing is a business of action. No action, no results. It’s just that simple.

Reason #2. You must invest capital in your business.

Starting a home business requires an investment on your part. I believe that there is no such thing as something for nothing. If you start a business for nothing, it’s probably worth just that. If you don’t have any skin in the game, how serious are you taking your business? In addition, to the initial investment, you will need to make a monthly commitment towards products and services.

Reason #3. You have to sell something.

What real business do you know of that doesn’t require sales? A brick and mortar business must make sales in order to make a profit. An internet business works the same way. As an entrepreneur, you are in the business of sales. It’s the only way you are going to make a profit. In order to get a job, you must sell yourself to the employer. The interviewer must feel that you are the right person for the position. If you are married or in some kind of intimate relationship, you had to sell yourself to your mate or you would still be a virgin(there’s nothing wrong with that). Read and watch material on prospecting to sharpen you sales skills. Sales is your number one business skill.

Reason #4. I don’t like people and you need people to


Can you name one function of a civilized world that doesn’t require people in some way? People were created to multiply the earth and bring glory to God. We were also created to help one another. So what’s this stuff about I don’t like people and you need people to join? You need people for mostly everything! Some of the best life experiences I’ve had, came from connecting with people. There is power in relationships.

In conclusion, based on my experience, these are my reasons why prospects say no to network marketing. Many prospects think they have to do network marketing strictly the old fashioned way. At the beginning, many are nervous and tend to overwhelm themselves with too much information. Furthermore, they don’t believe they can even do this business. That is why personal development is so crucial to achieving lasting success. New distributors need help as we all do. If we continue to educate our prospects, they will stop saying no and start saying yes to network marketing.



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