Why your company website is not enough.


When we first get started in network marketing, we are given a company replicated website to promote. Typically what we do is go online and start promoting the website on social media. The problem  with replicated websites is that we are all given the same one that says the same thing. Whether we realize it or not, these websites have been seen before. Most marketers are promoting them the wrong way which is one of the reasons people are not signing up.

If you want to sign people up online, please understand that it is going to require some work and ingenuity in many cases. After all, someone did tell them that they are going to make a million dollars in six months. As soon as that didn’t happen, they became reluctant about whether “those things” really work.

Company websites don’t work for the following reasons:

  1. Everyone has them– As mentioned above, if everyone has them, they have been seen before. You need to create pages that no one has used or very few people have used. More importantly, you need to have YOUR OWN message on the website, not a generic message.
  2. Can’t capture emails- company replicated websites can not capture emails so you can follow up with prospects through auto responding messages. The relationship is built and extended through short powerful messages that are created to  educate the prospect to make a decision  to get started. This is important because most people do not make quick business decisions.
  3. Don’t provide value- When I say no value, I’m not speaking of the health and/or financial benefits. I mean providing some content that shares tips on what’s needed to build a successful business.


In conclusion, hopefully you have a better understanding of why company replicated websites are not enough. If you are online promoting the same company websites with the same message, then more than likely when prospects sees it, they ignore it. You have to bring something different to the table of marketing. Instead of branding themselves, marketers are branding their companies. That doesn’t make sense because their companies are already branded.

Learn how to create capture pages and apply your own unique message on them. Learn how to create copy that provides solutions to your prospects problems. In addition, generate  leads, manage and follow up with them using this app. It’s like your own personal assistant that you download to your cellphone to keep you abreast of what’s going on in your business. The best thing about it, is that it doesn’t matter what business or product you’re promoting.

If you do this, you will win online. Just posting your link is not enough because everyone has a link. What is going to distinguish you from the rest?  You’ve got to invest in yourself and business. Learn and implement internet marketing strategies so you will have the results you’re looking for. Most people don’t have the time to build offline so online is the best course of action. Don’t be like the 90% who fail online. Do what the winners do to win.

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How To Get Leads For Your Online Business

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The most popular question that most business reps have is how do you get leads for your online business. We all know that the first rule to having a successful online business is to generate leads. We understand that no leads means no opportunity. So the big question is how and where do you get leads? The answer is simple. Not easy, but simple. I will offer tips that will help you get leads for your online business. Keep in mind that it does not matter if you have an online or a brick and mortar business. The process is the same. Implementation is what gets the ball rolling to get some leads coming in.

Okay, the first step to getting leads for your online business is education. If a person wants to practice medicine, he or she must get educated first. So many people just want to jump in and start marketing without any education. While it is good to have the zeal of a self starter, a lack of education will give you a lack of finances.

The second step to getting leads for your online business is to offer VALUABLE CONTENT. The is probably the number one mistake most marketers make. Especially on face book. These individuals are marketing their MLM instead of value. Why should John or Jill Doe join your business when many other people are promoting the same thing? That’s the difference maker my friend.

The third step to generating leads for your online business is to create relationships. Relationships still count, regardless if you are on or offline. People join people, period. Your desire to connect with people is a strong indicator of the relationships you build. The best kind of business to be a part of, is the people business. This is because people contribute to making life worth living.

In closing, you need a system for getting leads. If you are struggling with getting leads for your online business? Get the education here. There, you will get information on how to get leads. The point to remember is this: it all starts with education. If you would like more in depth education on how to get leads and make money online with your program, register to watch video

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