Why people say NO to your business


There are several reasons why people say no when you present your business to them. One reason is they’re just not interested. Another reason is the timing might not be right for them. Yet another reason could be they were in business in the past and got robbed.

A common complaint that entrepreneurs have is “I’m talking to people but I can’t seem to get anyone interested in joining”. The first thing you have to understand that  you can’t get people to do anything. It is also important to understand that people are conditioned to be employees. So because of that, you’ll have to speak to approximately 100 to 200 people to find two to three people who will partner with you. It’s simply a numbers game.

People are also saying  NO to your business because of how you present it. If you present your business as a get  rich quick scheme, folks are going to say no because they think it’s a scam. This happens when you oversell your opportunity. An example of this tactic is “learn how to make 10,000 dollars a week! No work required!” To most conscious people, that’s nonsense. If you present your business as easy, people are going to think it is, and when they find out it’s not, they’re gonna call it a scam.

Don’t focus on the product

People are bombarded with products all day. About four out of ten television commercials are selling you a product of some kind. When you focus on your product, your prospect is going to feel like you’re selling him or her. People don’t like to be sold so they’re going to reject your offer. Your product is not your product, your product is people. You have to build people who move the products.

Talking too much

There is a saying that goes, say less to more people. The reason why is because the more you talk, the more they feel they know everything about your company.  So what are your prospects going to say once they know everything in most cases?NO! When you tell people everything upfront, they bottom line your company even though they really don’t know anything about it. So say less to more people.

Sell the meeting

Instead of selling on how great your product is, sell the meeting. How do you do this?  Simple. Use the sort and point method. All the the top earners use this method. When you approach someone to ask if they’re open to making money, all you’re looking for is a yes or a no that’s it. If they say yes, point them to your upline executive. An example is “I’m in the travel industry and my company is looking for some people. I don’t have all the details but if you’re open to learning more, I’ll give your contact info to mr or Mrs. Executive director xyz who will give you a call to explain the details”.

When you sell the meeting, you’re taking the attention off of you and putting it on the leader of your company. When you talk to people, most of the time they’re judging the opportunity by you. Even though they don’t really know anything about your company. Your prospects need to hear about your business from people who’s had great success from someone else.

In conclusion, these are some of the reasons why people say NO to your business. We already know that most people are going to say anyway. That’s okay. No’s are a part of this business. Don’t sell, sort. Don’t persuade, point. When we do enough of this then we’ll start getting some yeses. Hope this helps.

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Calvin Moss


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Calvin Moss is blogger and home business professional. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter. Calvin moss is on Facebook and Instagram. To get in contact, send an email to: harlemdogrunner@me.com.








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Why Coffee?

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

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Calvin Moss

About the author:

Calvin Moss is a writer/blogger, and home business owner. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.