Why most people have a hard time building their business.


There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to build a business but getting no where. It seems like your dreams are rapidly fading before your very eyes. We know that building a business is hard however, we didn’t think it was this hard.

People have a hard time building their business for several reasons. I will go over some of the reasons that I have experienced. Building a business can seem like a daunting task. Friends and family offering ridicule etc.

so here are some of the reasons why people are having a hard time building their business:

No daily routine or lack of a daily activity.

If you want to succeed in business, you need a plan of action. At the end of the day, how many people did you talk to, mail samples/business info to? how many calls did you make? How many samples did you give out? If you are not moving forward in your business, you are moving backward by default.

Afraid to talk to strangers.

When we where young, we were told not to talk to strangers. It is no wonder why as adults, we don’t like to talk to strangers! There are times when we just don’t want to talk to anyone, but the big money is made dealing with people you don’t know. Of course only talking to friends and family will cause you to have a hard time in business. There are hundreds, even thousands of people who possibly want what you have to offer. But you gotta talk to them.


Unable to offer samples of the company product.

One thing people love is the word free. People love trying new products for free. Unfortunately, many companies do not offer a free service or product that consumers can try before they buy. This is not to say that you can’t do well if you don’t offer samples. I just believe that if you have a product that’s in big demand and you can offer as a sample such as this product, you will really do well faster depending on your work ethic etc.

No self belief or confidence.

Network marketing is a simple business. It’s not easy, but it’s simple. If you are going to have even a little bit of success, you must believe you can have it. The problem is most home business owners do not believe which is why their actions are a result of what they believe. You can read all of the books on confidence and belief but the only way to gain confidence and belief is to do that which you fear period.

Think they have to know it all.

Yet another reason why most people have a hard time building their business is because they think they need to know it all. Every company has a presentation be it an online video or DVD that you can use to educate a prospective candidate. You never need to know everything. Utilize tools to answer your prospects questions.


No money to invest in own business and oneself.

In business, you need to invest and re-invest in your business. There is really no such thing as something for nothing especially when you are thinking long term. It amazes me how so many people are looking for deals that require no initial investment on their part. You cannot have success with a real business unless you are willing to pay a price. The same goes for oneself. You should be reading books that motivate, educate and inspire you. Most companies offer a recommended reading list. The list is compiled with books that have influenced millions of men and women. You should be reading something regularly regarding business and personal development.

In conclusion, these are some of the reasons why most people have a hard time building their business. If you treat your business like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. We have a hard time because we make it hard. A few simple disciplines will go a long way.

About the author:

Calvin Moss is a writer/blogger and networking professional. He lives in New  York City with his wife and daughter.



Building A Business Takes Time

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Building a business takes time. It requires patience and persistence. One of the challenges that we all have as business owners is the desire to build fast. While building fast is good, we must keep in mind that there is a process involved. If you ask any top earner, what made them successful, they will talk about the journey they had to take. Who wouldn’t want a six figure business built over night? Who wouldn’t a shortened learning curve? Thankfully, I am part of an online marketing community that shortens the learning curve.

By building a business the fast way, we cheat ourselves out of valuable experience success is obtained through the experience. One of the reasons why people quit is because they expect to build their business fast. They read articles and watch videos that make grandiose statements about making tons of money in a short time. You can make that kind of money BUT it depends on your influence and/or marketing budget.

We live in a microwave society. We want things fast and we want them now. Building a business takes time. There are no shortcuts to success. You have to think, learn and do. All components are critical to business success. Entrepreneurship requires that you learn a different set of skills. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed with too much information at once. Since building a business takes time, take your time.

In conclusion, building a business takes time. You will reap what you sow but not instantly. Keep educating yourself and most of all don’t quit.

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Calvin Moss

Network Marketing Tips For Beginners

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There are many network marketing tips for beginners. I will go over some of these tips to assist people who are just starting out. First of all, network marketing is a people business. You need people to help you succeed. It’s just that simple. It’s amazing how people say I don’t like network marketing because you need people to join. If you think about it, you need people for everything. So tip number one is you need people. If you didn’t need people, life would be a lonely existence. Now, you don’t want all people, you want the right people. You want to deal with people who have the same common interest you have which is to build an international organization.

Network marketing tip number two is to get rid of the job mentality. I can’t tell you how many people approach this industry with an employee frame of reference. It would be great to get a paycheck after one week of work. However in network marketing, you will go without a paycheck for months even years. One of the reasons why network marketing experiences a bad rap is because people bring their job mentality to free enterprise.

When you work at a job, you are used to getting a steady paycheck. You are conditioned to someone telling you what to do also. When people start a business and don’t make money right away, they call MLM a scam. They become disgruntled and go back to their jobs. For this reason, get rid of the job mentality.

Tip number three for beginners is you must hold yourself personally accountable. In order to succeed in network marketing, you must participate in your own success. There is no way you will build a business without personal action. New distributors blame their failures on their sponsors instead of themselves. While sponsors have a responsibility to assist you in business, it is ultimately your duty to get up and build. If you ask the majority of net workers what they are doing to build their business, the answer is nothing. Yet, they are the ones who say MLM is a pyramid scheme. They post negative reviews of companies that they failed in, in an effort to discredit the company and industry.

In conclusion, these are my network marketing tips for beginners. Nothing is written in stone. However, I believe these points will get new reps off to a good start. What you put into your business is what you get out of it. Network marketing is a different world. Especially when you come from the workforce. All of the emotional baggage and personal pain associated with working a 9 to 5 is tremendous. Unfortunately, these issues are transferred into this industry. As we continue to grow and develop, we will move from beginner to pro.

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Much success,

Calvin Moss

Why people fail in business and in life

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People fail in business and in life for various reasons. I will cover some of the reasons why I think people fail. Keep in mind that nothing I mention here is written in stone. One reason why people fail is a lack of commitment. To be committed means to pledge or obligate oneself, no matter what happens. You must commit to the process to get the progress. Most people, when they start a business, they commit to it for a time. Then when they experience difficulties, they give up and quit. It’s the same with a marriage. When problems occur in the marriage, instead of looking for solutions to resolve the issues, people walk out on their spouse.

It amazes me how people give up on their freedom. Your freedom is more important than security. Security has a cost and it’s usually at the expense of your freedom. Business is 80% mental and 20% physical. You have to see your way out of a tough situation while you’re going in. In my opinion, when you work at a job for many years, you become weakened to the point that you become dependent on the system. A system that does not work anymore. Instead of being independent, you permit your freedom to be held hostage.

Another reason why people fail in business and in life is they are not hungry enough for success. When you are hungry, you develop an insatiable appetite to prosper and do whatever it takes to succeed ethically of course. You eat, drink and think success. Many people who start home businesses have jobs. They are comfortable and not hungry. If the business does not work out, they call it a scam and go back to the job.

A third reason why people fail is obstacles. People who fail allow obstacles to get in their way. If you study the history of successful people, you will see that they all share the same commonality when facing obstacles. Failing individuals allow issues to get in the way. Successful people don’t do that. They move forward regardless of the circumstances. Not having money is no excuse. Creative people finds ways to get the money.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why people fail in business and in life. We have to stop letting life kick us around. We must develop a persistent, entrepreneurial spirit that sees not just the present, but the end from the beginning.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

Where To find Prospects And What To Say To Them

A common issue that people have in network marketing is where to find prospects and what to say to these prospects. The challenge is getting those individuals to be open enough to look at some information that could improve the quality of their lives. People by nature, are skeptical so they feel that anything that goes against their conditioned based way of thinking is a scam. We have to present our products and services in a way that will peak their interest and at the same time, reduce their resistance.

I want to share a cold market tip and a warm market tip on where to find prospects for your products and opportunity. I also want to provide information on what to say to candidates when you meet them.

Cold market

A good place to find prospects is at a department store like targets for example. Strike up a conversation with the sales rep then say what’s the starting salary here? (the sales rep is going to say whatever the salary is which is usually not enough). Then you say, is that enough to live on without needing a second job? (they will most likely say no). Then you say, if I could help you make enough money to live on without needing a second job would you be open to looking at some free information? (they are most likely going to say yes, even if they are lying to you because they have a problem).

Warm Market

Warm market people includes friends, family and associates. Now there are some of you who may be saying, I don’t want to talk to friends, family or associates. Let me ask you a question. Are you confident and believe in your products and opportunity? If so, why wouldn’t you want to share them with people who matter most to you? Lets say you have a friend name John. You say John, I need your opinion on something. (He is going to say what is it). You say I have a presentation for a business that I just started. Can you look at it and tell me what you like about it? (John says yes). You hand John a DVD, CD or link to your presentation. Then you say how soon will you be able to look at the information? (John may say tonight at 7pm). Then you say ok John, I will call you back at 8pm and we will talk about what you liked.

There are many ways to get prospects to view your material. It only requires a little brainstorming. Networking events are filled with potential business partners that you can share business with. Bookstores are filled with people more than ever. These individuals are hungry for information. You want to go to the self improvement section because the home business industry thrives off personal development and is built with this kind of training. Trade shows, expos and flea markets are also a great sources of leads. People flock to these events looking for things to buy and people to meet.

In conclusion, prospects are all around us. We just have to learn what to say, how to say it, and also importantly when to say it. Obviously, we are going to hear a lot of nos. It doesn’t necessarily mean we are doing the business wrong. It only means that we haven’t heard enough nos. Instead of saying I have no prospects to converse with, look to your left and to your right and you will see an abundance of people who will benefit greatly from your products and services.

To get more information or to speak with me, you can send an email to harlemdogrunner@me.com.

I will be more than happy to speak with you. Please feel free to share and re-blog.

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Calvin Moss

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Redraw Your Circle

There is an ole saying that goes birds of a feather flock together. In society, you are identified by the company you surround yourself with. There comes a point in time where you decide to break away from the pack to fulfill a passion that’s in your heart. This passion is foreign to your friends and family. It is foreign because they cannot understand why you are doing what you do. Sometimes it is those same individuals who bring ridicule and embarrassment because they can’t see your vision. For this reason, you have to redraw your circle.

When I say redraw your circle, I’m not talking about drawing on a sheet of paper. I’m talking about changing the company of people that you keep. When you have a passion and a vision for what you are doing it is imperative that you develop your mind to allow yourself to succeed. One of the worst feelings in the world, is to have an unsupportive spouse. Millions of people who get started in business often have someone close to them who will not or cannot see their vision. They are the doubters and complainers and always talk about why something can’t or won’t work as opposed to why something can and will work.

Your net worth is connected to your network. So if your net worth is lacking, it can be attributed to your network. There is no “I” in team and the popular acronym for TEAM is together everyone achieves more. At this time, I would like to offer some tips on redrawing your circle.

1. Join networking groups that are supportive and share the same interest you have.

2. Choose and associate yourself with a mentor who has done what you are doing.

3. Go to seminars and learn strategies that will help you move forward in your business endeavors and meet people there and exchange information with them.

4. Read books and articles on relationship building.

In conclusion, redrawing your circle is a must if you want to succeed. You must surround yourself with people who have the mindset you have because that’s what successful people do. The ideas mentioned above are not new. However, they work when you put them into practice over time. I hope you get value from this. Keep moving forward.

Calvin Moss

Much success

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Sell YOU Not Your Opportunity

When we first get started in network marketing, we are desperate to make a sale. We tell everyone we know how great our products and services are as well as we should. Networking is derived from the word network and marketing comes from the word market. So obviously, you are marketing your network which is comprised of individuals within your company that provide goods and services to consumers.

We live in a world of unlimited opportunities that are created to give us time and financial freedom that a job could never provide. The issue that comes into play is when we become so desperate that we spam and pitch our business everywhere and to everyone without realizing how damaging that is to our individual businesses and profession.

When we send unsolicited information to people, it turns them off to our business opportunity because they never asked for it. People are already pre-programmed with a skeptical frame of reference especially when it comes to network marketing because they tried it before and they didn’t become a millionaire over night. I feel that it is wiser and more professional to market yourself not your opportunity because people really don’t care about your products. When a prospect joins your business, they are not joining your business per se, they are joining you. Based on their positive perception of you, they will sign up as a distributor. Prospective candidates are mainly concerned about whether or not you can help them make money. They want to know that you are not going to leave them hanging to do the business all by themselves.

When you sell yourself and not your opportunity, you position yourself as a leader. That’s what leaders do. You have to get in position first. Once you do that, your mind begins to work on the action steps that are needed to take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. Selling yourself requires that you get out of your comfort zone and in front of people via some type of platform whether online or offline.

In conclusion, it is time that we become resourceful sponsors who provide valuable content to our business associates. In doing this, they will become successful business owners. If we are willing to do what it takes, we and our fellow business partners will have what other people wish.

Calvin Moss