Where To find Prospects And What To Say To Them

A common issue that people have in network marketing is where to find prospects and what to say to these prospects. The challenge is getting those individuals to be open enough to look at some information that could improve the quality of their lives. People by nature, are skeptical so they feel that anything that goes against their conditioned based way of thinking is a scam. We have to present our products and services in a way that will peak their interest and at the same time, reduce their resistance.

I want to share a cold market tip and a warm market tip on where to find prospects for your products and opportunity. I also want to provide information on what to say to candidates when you meet them.

Cold market

A good place to find prospects is at a department store like targets for example. Strike up a conversation with the sales rep then say what’s the starting salary here? (the sales rep is going to say whatever the salary is which is usually not enough). Then you say, is that enough to live on without needing a second job? (they will most likely say no). Then you say, if I could help you make enough money to live on without needing a second job would you be open to looking at some free information? (they are most likely going to say yes, even if they are lying to you because they have a problem).

Warm Market

Warm market people includes friends, family and associates. Now there are some of you who may be saying, I don’t want to talk to friends, family or associates. Let me ask you a question. Are you confident and believe in your products and opportunity? If so, why wouldn’t you want to share them with people who matter most to you? Lets say you have a friend name John. You say John, I need your opinion on something. (He is going to say what is it). You say I have a presentation for a business that I just started. Can you look at it and tell me what you like about it? (John says yes). You hand John a DVD, CD or link to your presentation. Then you say how soon will you be able to look at the information? (John may say tonight at 7pm). Then you say ok John, I will call you back at 8pm and we will talk about what you liked.

There are many ways to get prospects to view your material. It only requires a little brainstorming. Networking events are filled with potential business partners that you can share business with. Bookstores are filled with people more than ever. These individuals are hungry for information. You want to go to the self improvement section because the home business industry thrives off personal development and is built with this kind of training. Trade shows, expos and flea markets are also a great sources of leads. People flock to these events looking for things to buy and people to meet.

In conclusion, prospects are all around us. We just have to learn what to say, how to say it, and also importantly when to say it. Obviously, we are going to hear a lot of nos. It doesn’t necessarily mean we are doing the business wrong. It only means that we haven’t heard enough nos. Instead of saying I have no prospects to converse with, look to your left and to your right and you will see an abundance of people who will benefit greatly from your products and services.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

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How to market your business without getting flagged on craigslist

I have read comments online by network marketers who were getting flagged by Craig list for posting business opportunities. While it is true that most people are looking for jobs, there will always be a few people who are looking for a way out of the rat race.


There are many business programs that are not legitimate. These programs have no products to buy yet money is changing hands. The individuals responsible for the schemes are no where to be found nor can you landline and speak to them. Listings involving scams have made it difficult for serious business owners and marketers to advertise genuine products and services. Craig list will smell a scam a mile away and flag it so don’t get involved in scams and attempt to promote them on Craig list.

Inappropriate listings

Inappropriate listings are things that involve triple xxx rated, gambling and dating sites that have absolutely nothing to do with the business that we are in and are trying to help people improve the quality of their lives with. People have clicked on some of these ads posted on Craig list not knowing what they were, and were offended. An inappropriate website is a no-no and will get a red flag from Craig list.

“Buzz” words

I believe that about 50% of all network marketers including myself starting out used at least one buzz word in their campaigns. Buzz words such as “ground floor”, “amazing” “opportunity” and “recession proof” and other buzz words are actually trigger words. They trigger Craig list to flag your ads without even knowing what you have to offer. Eliminate buzz words and the chances of Craig list flagging your ads will be close to zero.

Income claims

Have you ever read an advertisement that says Learn how you can make $5,000 a month from your computer? Perhaps you read an ad that said I doubled my income in three days! You can too! These claims are true for many people but not all. If you make income claims in your ads Craig list will flag them because they feel that the ads are unethical, unprofessional and misleading. Craig list takes their credibility serious and do not want to be financially responsible for the individuals who do make false income claims. People who really generate high monthly incomes don’t promote their claims in their ads. Do not make income statements in your ads.

The un flagged ad

I feel that the type of ad that does not get flagged is one that is professionally written without hype or buzz words. This type of ad is straight forward and honest. If you cold call, you are sorting not selling. The same should apply when writing your ad.

Write your ad from a sorting prospective not a selling one. Eliminate grand claims. Besides, you already know that most of your prospects are going to say no because they have been burned in the past, don’t understand the business model and are skeptical.

I know this type of ad writing works because I have made sales on Craig list and supplied a demand. I simply looked at what other advertisers were posting and I did the opposite.

Much success,

Calvin Moss

Is Money Debt Or Wealth?

Is Money Debt Or Wealth?

I was watching a video of a gentleman talking about “money” and how finances work. He was stating that “money” is debt and that the public has to pay interest on “money” that is printed and created out of thin air. For example, when you take out a mortgage which in French means death pledge, to buy a house that “money” is not deposited into your bank account. It is created digitally and you have to pay interest on it.

Another example of “money” being debt and not wealth is quantitative easing which is a fancy name for money printing. QE as it is known, increases the debt that we owe since “money” has to be printed and borrowed into existence. Obviously, “money” has to paid back with usury. So the “money” that we think is money is actually debt. Moreover, the gentleman stated that there is no money only debt because the real money was stolen.

As I listened to this guy, I said to myself wait a minute, if money is debt then my paycheck is debt also. Therefore, I am using debt to pay debt(bills). The money that I am trying to save is not wealth, it is debt. If “money” is debt, then what is wealth because I was taught that “money” is wealth. The man went on to say that you can’t pay debt with debt you can only expunge it so to speak. Here I am working like a slave to pay bills(debt) and save money(debt) all to realize that the money(debt) is not money but debt. Note: I was confused about this as well.

I felt deceived. Okay, so what is wealth? Well according to J.P. Morgan, gold is wealth everything else is credit(debt). I then learned that gold is money and has been for over 5000 years. So men were actually conducting commerce with this shiny yellow stuff in biblical times. In addition, gold is a hedge against inflation, and is created by God. Paper loses value not gold.

In conclusion, “money” is debt and debt is slavery. Debt works against you and reduces your chances of accumulating wealth. Wealth is not the only thing that matters however, it affects the things that do. Cash is still necessary because it is a medium of exchange. Nevertheless, your wealth should be in gold because gold is king. For some free information go to http://www.goldismoney.garagefullofgold.com.