The Four Steps To Network Marketing Success That Most Marketers Neglect.


There are four steps to earning money in network marketing/direct sales. These steps are the reasons why people succeed but also the reasons why people do not. The steps are simple but we often make it hard by getting in the way. The steps are inviting, presenting, collecting a decision, and consistency.


The invite is exactly what it means. You are inviting prospects to take a look at your business project and getting their feedback on what they saw. Some will respond back and some won’t. The problem is that most marketers are not inviting enough and regularly. This business requires that you talk to people. This a people business like any other business so you need people. Unfortunately, most networkers think posting their links everywhere on social media and spamming is inviting people to looks their business and it’s not. Inviting and imposing are two different things.


Presenting is basically using a video, sizzle call or live meeting to expose your prospect to your opportunity, products and services. The objective is to get more people in front of your presentation with the hopes that they could make an educated decision about your offer. Most networkers are not actively presenting their offers. They’re hoping that people inbox them asking for the presentation link.  The more you present, the more you increase your chances for  greater success.

Collecting a decision( follow up)

After you’ve presented your opportunity etc, now it’s time to collect a decision. All you’re looking for after the information was seen is a yes I’m in or no, I’m not. This is the time to adress objections, not beg, chase or convince. Many people don’t collect the decision because they feel like they’re bothering the prospect. They think that if the prospect is serious, they will reach out to them instead. Sometimes that works, most times it doesn’t. You have to actively collect the decision, it’s your opportunity.


A lack of Consistency is probably the biggest reason why people don’t get anywhere in this industry. They’ll start something and go really hard in their business for two weeks, fizzle out and then say this doesn’t work. You have to remain consistent even when you don’t yet see the results you want. A lack of consistency is the reason why people have been losing the same 30 pounds for the last five years. It’s normally due to a lack of focus.


In conclusion, these are the four steps to network marketing success that most marketers neglect: inviting, presenting, collecting a decision, consistency. The more you do the things mentioned above, the better you’ll get. Jim Rohn says repetition is the mother of skill. Your sponsor is not responsible for getting the work done. It’s on you, sponsors are there to help. There’s a rumor that says the network marketing industry has a very high failure rate. If that’s true, we now know the reason why. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and your results and world will change.

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About the author

Calvin Moss is a blogger and home business professional. He lives in New York City and South Carolina with his wife and daughter.




Why People Don’t Want To Be Sold


Life is a business of confidence and experiences. Life is also a business of selling. If you think about it, you were involved in selling the majority of your life. If not, you wouldn’t have a job. Neither would you have a spouse or significant other.

People are consumers. In order to consume, someone has to sell you something. Even though we like buying, we don’t want to be sold anything. Sounds weird doesn’t it? I want to talk about why people don’t want to be sold. There are several reasons which I will cover.

Sales people are annoying.


The first reason why I feel people don’t like to be sold is sales people are annoying. Although I am a sales rep, I have to agree there is some truth in that statement. We all recieve phone calls from sales people offering the latest and greatest products that money can buy. People don’t want to be called repititiously. I can’t recall the number of times a rep called me trying to sell me something. If you are in sales, do not annoy people by continuing to call them. This is not good practice and does not make you credible in a prospects eyes.

People don’t like to be pressured.

The second reason why people do not want to be sold is pressure. I understand that you have to create a sense of urgency. However, I feel that if you press people into buying, they are going to say no, or they will buy and then ask for a refund later. Pressuring prospects to buy makes them think that what you are offering is not legitimate. Do not pressure people into your products and services. Again, not good practice.

Prospects want to control the buying process.

Prospects want to control the buying process meaning, they want to decide for themselves what they want to buy and how much they are going to spend. This is of course after you presented your offers first. Prospects want to buy at their own will and should. If you notice on Facebook for example, people are spamming their offers. When you spam your offer, you are sending unsolicited information to folks who never requested it. If a prospect buy something, they will do so at their leisure AFTER you provided value on why they should buy.


In conclusion, these are some of the reasons why prospects do not want to be sold. People are naturally skeptical anyway. Never beg or convince prospects to buy. If someone wants your products, they will let you know.

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About the author:

Calvin Moss is a writer/blogger. He is also a home business entrepreneur. Mr. Moss lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.

YOU become Your Own Up Line

In network marketing, you hear many stories from distributors of how their up line sponsor got them into the business and a few months later, disappeared. This is perhaps one of the reasons why people discredit our profession and become skeptical about money making or online business opportunities. Personally speaking, I had a sponsor sign me up from a previous MLM company and he disappeared on me also so I can relate. People get into this business for different reasons. By the same token, people leave the business for different reasons.

I feel that your success in anything in life, is your responsibility not someone else. So for that reason, you have to become your own up line or your own leader. The home based business industry is a legitimate field of work. It works if you work. Perhaps that’s the problem. You won’t work because you don’t have the skill set. Furthermore, you will not commit to developing the skills that are necessary to pay the bills. In which case you can blame no one except yourself. How do you like that? When you refuse to develop the skills, you refuse to develop your paycheck. When you refuse to develop your paycheck, someone else like an employer will do that for you.

Here are some tips to becoming your own up line:

1. Read books on how network marketing is done. Go to

2. Join online business forums that focus on network marketing and ask questions.

3. Join networking groups that support the industry and network with others of the same mindset.

4. Watch you tube videos on prospecting and marketing.

5. Get rid of the lottery mentality. No one gets rich overnight. You have to pay your dues.

6. Go to and watch the free trailer on network marketing.

7. Last but not least, join me in business and I will assist you in getting the job done so long as you are willing to learn and take action.


In conclusion, network marketing is the greatest profession in the world. You have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. You get to use the power of leverage and create an income that is residual. So what if your up line leaves you. In every line of work, you will find irresponsible people. Your job is to not be one of the them. Will you continue to complain about the lack of up line support or will you become your own support? Seek out the help you desire. Just know that work is involved. Do not be discouraged and do not quit. If you quit, you will only be quitting on yourself.

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Much success,

Calvin Moss

7 Reasons Why You Should Join Network Marketing

seven reasons why you should join images

Here I list 7 reasons why you should join network marketing. You are probably familiar with some of the reasons however, the way these ideas are presented may be new to you.

1. No Job security.

Job security is becoming obsolete in America. Thousands of people are losing their jobs every year. Our manufacturing base which was the engine of the economic world is rapidly shrinking and the number of people applying for public assistance is increasing. So how can there be job security when there are less secure jobs? Network marketing is a business model of freedom. There are no serious representatives who seek job security. We want financial independence.

2. The politicians can’t and won’t help you in the job world.

If politicians were really in office to help us, none of our American jobs would be in other countries. No offense to other nations but Americans need jobs too. What did the politicians do to help Joe average from losing his home or retirement money in 2008? Laws are being passed and decisions are made that undermine the interest and prosperity of the middle class and most of these politicians are in on it. I’m not saying all politicians are bad but the ones who are more popular have not accomplished much as far as I’m concerned. Home business owners do not seek assistance from politicians. Our motto is if it’s going to be, it’s up to me.

3. Pensions, 401ks, etc will disappear.

There is talk about nationalizing your retirement plans. How does that make you feel? Money that you worked hard for, for many years is going to lumped together with someone else’s account. Furthermore, social security is a cash grab and will also disappear. In my opinion, nationalization leads to confiscation. So in essence, your pension and other paper investments are no longer yours once nationalization takes place. You do not control your paper investments, wall street does. With network marketing, you keep what you earn, and what you earn, you control.

4. No income ceiling.

In network Marketing, you determine how much money you want to make not someone else. You can earn as much as top CEOs earn within a year. You get paid for results, not time. There is no need to ask anyone for a raise or an increase. I work with a guy who earns a high five figure salary per month and completed training with people who earn six figure per month salaries. I am thoroughly convinced that when it comes to making money sky is the limit.

5. You get to work with who you want.

Working with difficult people is not impossible. In this profession, you do get to choose your business partners however, working with difficult people is not always avoidable. A common statement that prospects have is “you need people to join your business and I don’t want a business like that”. The reality is that you need people for everything not just a business. Besides, people are the only ones who have money. So yes, unlike a job, you do get to work with people of your liking, just know that the person you like may turn into one that you don’t like as much.

6. No boss.

What more can I say? In network Marketing, you do not have bosses. You have coaches. Their role is not to make your life a living hell. Their responsibility is to help you make money. How many bosses do you know want to help you make money?

7. Time.

Having a home business allows you to control your time whereas a job controls your time for you. You report to work and perform the duties and hours assigned. As a home business professional, you make your own schedule and are not bound to a time clock.

In closing, there are many reasons why you should join a network marketing organization. Do not let fear or any pre-conceived ideas stop you from moving forward. Educate yourself on the industry by reading books and information from the direct selling association. Do not listen to people who failed. Listen to people who succeeded. The only limits are the ones you put on your mind.

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P.S. Look what’s happening in Greece. It’s going to happen everywhere. Nation after nation is experiencing financial default. We in the US, have well over 18 trillion dollars in debt! That’s not even counting the unfunded liabilities which are over 24o trillion dollars! Who do you think is going to pay for it? Certainly not the banks or corporations who are responsible for this mess. We and our children are going to pay for it. I hope you realize how serious the trouble we are in. You MUST be personally responsible for your own financial affairs. turning money over to a financial institution is not responsible. It is being careless and besides that, you are not in control it. This article is not written to scare you. It is written to educate you. You can go do your own research as it is public information.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

Sell YOU Not Your Opportunity

When we first get started in network marketing, we are desperate to make a sale. We tell everyone we know how great our products and services are as well as we should. Networking is derived from the word network and marketing comes from the word market. So obviously, you are marketing your network which is comprised of individuals within your company that provide goods and services to consumers.

We live in a world of unlimited opportunities that are created to give us time and financial freedom that a job could never provide. The issue that comes into play is when we become so desperate that we spam and pitch our business everywhere and to everyone without realizing how damaging that is to our individual businesses and profession.

When we send unsolicited information to people, it turns them off to our business opportunity because they never asked for it. People are already pre-programmed with a skeptical frame of reference especially when it comes to network marketing because they tried it before and they didn’t become a millionaire over night. I feel that it is wiser and more professional to market yourself not your opportunity because people really don’t care about your products. When a prospect joins your business, they are not joining your business per se, they are joining you. Based on their positive perception of you, they will sign up as a distributor. Prospective candidates are mainly concerned about whether or not you can help them make money. They want to know that you are not going to leave them hanging to do the business all by themselves.

When you sell yourself and not your opportunity, you position yourself as a leader. That’s what leaders do. You have to get in position first. Once you do that, your mind begins to work on the action steps that are needed to take you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future. Selling yourself requires that you get out of your comfort zone and in front of people via some type of platform whether online or offline.

In conclusion, it is time that we become resourceful sponsors who provide valuable content to our business associates. In doing this, they will become successful business owners. If we are willing to do what it takes, we and our fellow business partners will have what other people wish.

Calvin Moss

How to market your business without getting flagged on craigslist

I have read comments online by network marketers who were getting flagged by Craig list for posting business opportunities. While it is true that most people are looking for jobs, there will always be a few people who are looking for a way out of the rat race.


There are many business programs that are not legitimate. These programs have no products to buy yet money is changing hands. The individuals responsible for the schemes are no where to be found nor can you landline and speak to them. Listings involving scams have made it difficult for serious business owners and marketers to advertise genuine products and services. Craig list will smell a scam a mile away and flag it so don’t get involved in scams and attempt to promote them on Craig list.

Inappropriate listings

Inappropriate listings are things that involve triple xxx rated, gambling and dating sites that have absolutely nothing to do with the business that we are in and are trying to help people improve the quality of their lives with. People have clicked on some of these ads posted on Craig list not knowing what they were, and were offended. An inappropriate website is a no-no and will get a red flag from Craig list.

“Buzz” words

I believe that about 50% of all network marketers including myself starting out used at least one buzz word in their campaigns. Buzz words such as “ground floor”, “amazing” “opportunity” and “recession proof” and other buzz words are actually trigger words. They trigger Craig list to flag your ads without even knowing what you have to offer. Eliminate buzz words and the chances of Craig list flagging your ads will be close to zero.

Income claims

Have you ever read an advertisement that says Learn how you can make $5,000 a month from your computer? Perhaps you read an ad that said I doubled my income in three days! You can too! These claims are true for many people but not all. If you make income claims in your ads Craig list will flag them because they feel that the ads are unethical, unprofessional and misleading. Craig list takes their credibility serious and do not want to be financially responsible for the individuals who do make false income claims. People who really generate high monthly incomes don’t promote their claims in their ads. Do not make income statements in your ads.

The un flagged ad

I feel that the type of ad that does not get flagged is one that is professionally written without hype or buzz words. This type of ad is straight forward and honest. If you cold call, you are sorting not selling. The same should apply when writing your ad.

Write your ad from a sorting prospective not a selling one. Eliminate grand claims. Besides, you already know that most of your prospects are going to say no because they have been burned in the past, don’t understand the business model and are skeptical.

I know this type of ad writing works because I have made sales on Craig list and supplied a demand. I simply looked at what other advertisers were posting and I did the opposite.

Much success,

Calvin Moss