A Life Of Hope


“Most of the important things were accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all”. -Dale Carnegie.

The bible says hope defferred makes the heart sick(paraphrased). I want to talk about a life of hope. When you talk about hope, you are talking about a better way. You’re talking about the possibility of brighter days ahead. Hope is important. Without it, you have nothing.

Take away a man’s possessions and he can get it back. If you take away his hope you took everything. It is imperative that you have hope. Hope is what keeps you going even though you want to stop.  There are going to be good days and bad days alike. That’s just what it is. Just as there are periods of sun and rain, there will be times of pleasure and pain.


Even in these times, you must maintain a life of hope. It is easy to have hope when things are fine and harder when things are not. We seek a life of expectancy. We expect things to get better. Not just for ourselves, but for other as well.

In conclusion, we must maintain a life of hope. Life without hope is no hope at all. Many people gave up on life. They developed a settlement mentality. They settle for what’s given to them instead of going after what they deserve. When you have hope, you develop a prosperous way of thinking. You talk about what can instead of what if. Finally, hope cannot be found in a man. He needs hope also. Our hope begins and ends in God.


photo credit: Dr. Hurd, Tom Morris and rhapsody in words.

About the author: 

Calvin Moss is a writer/blogger and home business professional. He lives in New York Citywith his wife and daughter.

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