Created To Be Creative


In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. He created light and darkness.  In addition,God created day and night. He created animals, land and man. Apparently, God is the creator of all things seen and unseen. Since this is truth, I also believe that man was created to be creative. As humans, we are born with the ability to create. If you look at the creations of men from the start of civilization throughout industrialization, man was actually created a genius. As hard as that is to grasp for some folks, man was created perfect in every way.

Our school system focuses on knowledge in an effort to control what you put into your mind. But it’s your creative side that opens the door to freedom and opportunity. I feel that man is fulfilled when he uses his ability to design his life instead of following the crowd. Albert Einstein said imagination is greater than knowledge. Mr Einstein says knowledge is limited, but imagination is seen throughout the world. Obviously, you need knowledge. You have to know how to do things that pertain to daily living and so forth. That’s common sense. What I’m talking about is living by personal design. You can’t learn that in school. Imagination promotes independence in a dependent society.

In conclusion, you were created to be creative. You were also created to glorify God. In order to live a life of creativity, you must first change your mindset. You must decide that you are going to create. We spend our lives consuming but never producing. When you create, you change your fate. Economically speaking of course. So be creative and be a blessing.


About the author:


Calvin Moss is a blogger, motivator and home business owner. More of his work can be seen at He lives in New York City and is an administrator for two popular Facebook groups, motivational movement and the dreamers pit.

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