Be The Solution To Your Own Problem

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One thing that’s for sure in life, is that we all experience problems. Some problems are big and some are small. In the business world, problems are said to be opportunities in disguise. There are problems that we can handle and others that only God can handle. I believe that many, if not most problems, are caused by us. I also believe that we are also the solution to many if not most problems.

I have learned that a problem is not necessarily a bad thing. There are good problems and bad problems. Having too much money is a good problem. Not having any money is a bad problem. In order to be a great leader, one of the things you have to do is speak in public. If that’s a problem, the solution is to take classes in public speaking. If weight gain is a problem, then proper nutrition and exercise is the solution.

Being the solution to your problem is easier said than done. No one wants to address their own problems. The cost is too high. Sometimes we blame others for our problems when we should blame ourselves. We have a bad day at work, then come home and take it out on our loved ones. If someone says something that we do not agree with, we get angry and hostile. We have to be the solution to our problems instead of the problem. A problem cannot be solved with the same mind that caused it.

In closing, the world is facing global challenges. The issues are spiritual, physical, economical and political. All of these problems can be solved provided that the solutions benefit the global community equally and righteously. God is not going to solve everything for us. We must be proactive in the process.

photo credit: power to transform

Much Success,

Calvin Moss

One thought on “Be The Solution To Your Own Problem

  1. This is so true! Great post!

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