Be Your Own Hero

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When I was a kid, I had several favorite super heroes. Superman, the incredible hulk, batman and robin along with spider man were my favorites. I bought comic books and always watched the TV shows. Do you remember watching Lee Majors as the six million dollar man? Anyway, my brother and I would mimic the personality of these super heroes. At school, my friends and I would pretend to be action figures and play fight. What was your favorite superhero? Was it Captain America? What about Thor?

Those were the good ole’ days. Super heroes made you think you were actually a super hero. Your imagination went wild. Your parents probably screamed at you to stop you from jumping off their furniture. Nowadays, there are no super heroes. There are movie remakes of superheroes, but they are not the same as when you and I were young.

It is in times like these where you have to be your own super hero. When I say be your own super hero, I’m talking about being a person who is super. You must strive to be a person of value, significance and a big heart. When the people of metropolis were troubled and saw superman, they knew everything would be okay. That is how you have to be in your life. Know that everything will not be perfect, but things will be okay. Rise above your fears. Rise above your troubles. When troubles show up, you show up. Imagine yourself doing great things. Picture yourself getting the results you want in life. Embrace the challenge of uncertainty. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Be your own super hero.

Whether we admit it or not, we all want to be like someone else who is successful. That someone, who seems like they have supernatural abilities. I write to inform you that everything you need is inside of you. All you have to do is draw it out. The way you draw it out, is by taking daily steps forward. As you do this, you will see the greatness within you.

In conclusion, you are your own super hero. You just didn’t know it until now. Although you can’t save the world like fictional super heroes, you can save your world. Afterwards, you will inspire someone to save their world.

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photo credit Etsy and pinterest

Much Success,

Calvin Moss

One thought on “Be Your Own Hero

  1. I love this! What a great post. Thank you for sharing.

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