Create, Don’t Conform

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You were made by God to create. God is the Creator and we were made in the image of God. What I want to talk about is creation vs. conformation. There are people in society who do not believe in creativity. They believe in conformity. I am not a conformist. I side with creation. When I speak of creation, I am talking about creating your dreams. If you do not create your dreams, someone else will create your dreams for you.

Society wants you to conform, but you were made to create. People who conform keep themselves in a box. Their thinking is controlled and their lives reflect it. I have learned that if you allow individuals to control your thinking, they can control your life. Millions of people unconsciously choose to conform. This is because from birth, we are taught to do so. After all, if everyone is living a certain way it must be right. Not true.

To create means to embark upon the road less traveled. It means to do what others are not willing to do so you can have what others cannot. In order for this to occur, you must allow yourself to realize what’s possible for your life. When you choose to conform, you choose to give up your power. When you conform, you surrender your creativity. Deception becomes truth and investigatory facts get rejected.

In conclusion, you were made to create. The world needs creators not conformers. Risk takers are in high demand. Two points to remember: No one ever made it big by playing it safe. Safety and security are synonymous with slavery.

photo credit: zazzle

Much Success,

Calvin Moss


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