Why Should I Join YOU?

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Have you ever browsed an online classified site? Did you notice that the majority of the ads are identical with little to no difference? I believe this is where a lot of prospects get confused and indecisive about joining a business. Many of the business programs online are good. But how does one distinguish which business to join if A and B program is the same as C? Their programs offer the same benefits and compensation plan. So which representative do I join? It is a question that many prospects have before they launch their business.

Why should I join you? If a thousand network marketers were asked that question, many would have a difficult time answering it. I believe that what separates C of the same company from A and B is VALUE. Think about it. Marketers A, B and C have the same marketing products and education. What is the deciding factor for the prospect? Again, value. The value that you offer must be additional to the kind that’s offered by your company training material.

I believe having a personal blog is important. It allows you and your prospect to connect personally without distractions. Your prospect gets to read what’s in your heart and mind. Sometimes, prospects have how-to questions about MLM. If you and your blog can answer them, then prospects will be one step closer to joining you versus someone else.

In conclusion, people do not want to be left wondering if partnering with you was a good decision or bad. They must KNOW that working with you is the right decision. It doesn’t matter if you are a seven figure earner or a seven dollar earner. People join people. Why should someone join you? Is it because you are number one in your company? That’s great, but no. I feel that candidates join representatives who hearts are more important than a title. Furthermore, prospects join marketers who can go the extra mile. If you can demonstrate a right heart towards people, they will join you in business.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

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