Be Unforgettable

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In 1951, Nat King Cole recorded his popular song titled “unforgettable”. It was written by Irving Gordon and produced by Lee Gillette. As students of personal development, one of our goals should be to become unforgettable. You become unforgettable when you share your heart and mind in such a way that your readers become inspired.

There is an ole’ saying that goes you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Our service to mankind should be memorable. Even in a corrupt society, people still appreciate acts of kindness and love. We must be unforgettable to the point that we are remarkable.

Having good report among those who are without is priceless. Our gifts will make room for us. Room to prosper and be a blessing to the international community. When you touch the life of someone in a special way, you’ll make a mark. When you touch the lives of millions, you’ll leave a dent.

In conclusion, let us be unforgettable. It’s your heart that counts, not your title. Show a good heart because no one cares about a title. So be undeniable. Be un-moveable. Most of all, be unforgettable.

Much Success,

Calvin Moss

2 thoughts on “Be Unforgettable

  1. A rather deep sharing here Calvin. Makes total sense though…. we must strive to do good things that make us unforgettable

    • Yes, I believe that we should have something to as human beings other than how to make six figure in six months. For me this not just about business, it’s about life.

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