Network marketing is for people who “get it”.

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It is a fact that most people hate their jobs. They hate fighting traffic to go to work. Many don’t like their jobs or the money they make. They complain about their boss, yet they stay there. As of late we have seen cracks in the world’s financial system. Nations that were once stable, are now unstable.

Austerity, which is just a fancy word for saying you’re screwed, is sweeping throughout the nations. The security that people thought they once had, is no longer. Actually, security never really existed. So now, people are trying to figure things out. How do we get our jobs back? Well, the jobs are not coming back. Sorry folks, just ain’t happening. If our jobs were brought back home, corporations would lose a vast amount of profits by not being able to exploit cheap labor.

People livelihoods are being threatened. What are our politicians going to do? Nothing, period. Since our manufacturing base is not coming back and no one has our back, the question should be, what are WE going to do?

The 1950’s was the industrial age. Although job security was more stable in those days, people still valued job freedom. They understood that working for someone else would never get them the quality of life they desired. They “got it”. Even in those times, folks knew there was a better way. Working 20-30 years, hoping to get a retirement check in the end was risky. Especially when retirement payouts are not guaranteed. Network marketing was established around the 1950’s. It was the best alternative for people who sought change and to make a difference. Fast forward to today with the recent events. People realize that something is wrong with our economic base. It is  one of the reasons why so many people are choosing network marketing. They “get it”.

Folks are sick and tired of getting up every morning to do the same thing. The daily stresses of working various jobs, combined with exhausting commutes and poor diet, contribute to heart attacks and other illnesses. That’s why network marketing is the business for people who “get it”. They get the fact that trading hours for dollars will keep them broke. They get the truth that downsizing and outsourcing jobs are real problems that do not get addressed.

In conclusion, network marketing is for people who “get it”. Hopefully, there will come a time when people break free from the mental conditioning that was imposed on us through traditional schooling. I believe that one thing man wants more than anything, is his freedom. Freedom from a job that stifles his creativity and quality of life. Network marketing is for people who “get it”.



Aren’t you tired of doing the same thing day in, day out?

Aren’t you tired of struggling to make ends meet?

Do you really think your politicians are working on your behalf?

What is it going to take for you to see that you’ve been conned?

The joke is on us if continue to put our trust and money into the hands of someone else.

If you are ready to get it, click here==>watch video

Much Success,

Calvin Moss

Home business and marketing coach

One thought on “Network marketing is for people who “get it”.

  1. Yes so true,many people are sick and tired of their 9-5 jobs but going there to work anyway. But fortunally more and more gets it so to say and start working with online marketing.

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