The Power Of Personal Development

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Personal development is something that we must do daily to become the person we aspire to be. Real personal development helps to build the total man. Man is a spirit that has a body and a soul. Self growth plays a part in changing lives and building legacies. Books such as “think and grow rich” “success through a positive mental attitude” and “the magic of thinking big” has helped millions of people become successful. Ideas that were once a thought, have come to fruition. Dreams are manifested into reality.

Personal development gives you the can-do attitude. Things that you thought were impossible are now possible. Through personal development, people have eliminated their fear of public speaking. Beliefs have exceeded doubts. Hope has been restored. There is power in personal development.

Self improvement gives you a new perspective on life. Some time ago, I was talking with a guidance counselor at a public school. I asked her, why doesn’t the school system have books on personal development? She said she didn’t know. I knew the answer, I just wanted to hear her opinion. Obviously, the answer is the school system was created by the “elites”. Their plan was to indoctrinate students with mindless material that promotes stagnation and enslavement instead of information that promotes growth and freedom.

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That is why school is eight hours a day, five days a week. Pupils are trained to become employees not entrepreneurs. When they leave school, they’re already conditioned to look for a job. I believe that if the curriculums focused on personal development, our youth would have a positive outlook on life. They would value their minds, respect themselves and others as well. In addition, the unemployment rate wouldn’t be an issue.

In conclusion, there is a power in personal development. The establishments don’t want you to have that power but it’s too late. Through self help, you eradicate the need for the psychologist and the prescription pills. Your mind will be opened to a world of unlimited possibilities. You would be motivated to create your own world versus someone else creating your world for you. That’s the power of personal development. It empowers your belief and your vision.

Globally speaking, we are about to face some bad times. I still believe that bad times reveal good opportunities. This is because there is a God in heaven. Embrace the power of personal development.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

Online marketing coach

9 thoughts on “The Power Of Personal Development

  1. I completely agree about the absolute importance of self-development. It has been instrumental in bringing my life to the levels I have reached and will continue to grow into.

  2. Great post thank you for sharing! I totally agree personal development is vital for people moving forward in life and business

  3. I Agree With Your Blog Regarding Personal Development Is A Big Part Of Helping Someone Succeed In Life. When I Use The Term Personal Development I Add Another Word “Positive.” I Add This Word To Remind Me That I A Developing My “Personal Positive Development.”

  4. I agree a 100% that personal development must be a daily exercise!

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