Dealing With Distractions

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Distractions are unexpected events that prevent you from completing a specific task. Distractions are a part of life. We all of experienced them at one point or another. A writer is preparing a blog post at home. He gets side tracked with people knocking on his door. A stay at home mom who is working on income producing activities gets deterred at home. Her children are too noisy which prevents her from working. A student gets distracted in class. His fellow classmates are clowning around which interrupts him from learning.

What is it that distracts you? When you go to the gym to work out, are you easily distracted by the opposite sex? If you want to develop self confidence, does the fear of speaking in public stop you? Some women get distracted from driving. It is because they can’t do their make up and drive at the same time(unbelievable)!

Distractions are unavoidable. One thing that I learned is that distractions like obstacles, are both the same. They will stop you from reaching your goals. People who are highly successful, do not let distractions stop them. They stop their distractions and continue to move forward.

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How do we deal with distractions? The first way to deal with deterrents is to identify the problem or issue that is causing the disturbance. Second, we have to realize where the hindrance is coming from. Lastly, we must find a solution that will prevent you from getting distracted. Choose a different time or location to support what you are doing(making business phone calls, writing etc).

In conclusion, a distracted mind can lead to a distracted life. Disruptions will occur. How we handle them makes the difference. We cannot allow distractions to get in our way. We must get in the way of our distractions.

Much success,

Calvin Moss

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