Finding Balance

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One of the challenges of life is finding balance. Balance means stability. Balance is something that is lacking in the lives of millions of people. A single mother of three children who attends college at night has a challenge finding stability. The father  feels the same way. He works two jobs to support his family. He’s unhappy because he can’t find balance with work and family. His wife and kids are also displeased because the amount of time they used to spend together no longer exists.

The American way of life is becoming a life of imbalance. There was a time when the husband worked one job, no overtime and the mother stayed home with the children. There was no need for a second income. Life was good. Nowadays, both parents have to work. Even worse, one, sometimes both parents need a second incomes. Can you imagine their longing of finding quality time for each other?

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Personally speaking, I have an imbalance issue in my life also. I sometimes find myself juggling work and recreation etc. with quality time owed to my family. I also find it amazing how when you seek to spend time with family for comfort and enjoyment, all of a sudden, something pops up.

In conclusion, the only remedy for an imbalanced life, is prioritizing what’s important and minimizing what’s not. It’s a hard task but a worth it one. Finding balance in an unbalanced life is doable over time. Many people wish they could have a balanced life. Unfortunately, many never do. Without stability, sorrow fills the heart. Where there is a will to find balance, there is a way. We must first be determined to have a balanced mind which will lead to a balanced life.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

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