Why people fail in business and in life

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People fail in business and in life for various reasons. I will cover some of the reasons why I think people fail. Keep in mind that nothing I mention here is written in stone. One reason why people fail is a lack of commitment. To be committed means to pledge or obligate oneself, no matter what happens. You must commit to the process to get the progress. Most people, when they start a business, they commit to it for a time. Then when they experience difficulties, they give up and quit. It’s the same with a marriage. When problems occur in the marriage, instead of looking for solutions to resolve the issues, people walk out on their spouse.

It amazes me how people give up on their freedom. Your freedom is more important than security. Security has a cost and it’s usually at the expense of your freedom. Business is 80% mental and 20% physical. You have to see your way out of a tough situation while you’re going in. In my opinion, when you work at a job for many years, you become weakened to the point that you become dependent on the system. A system that does not work anymore. Instead of being independent, you permit your freedom to be held hostage.

Another reason why people fail in business and in life is they are not hungry enough for success. When you are hungry, you develop an insatiable appetite to prosper and do whatever it takes to succeed ethically of course. You eat, drink and think success. Many people who start home businesses have jobs. They are comfortable and not hungry. If the business does not work out, they call it a scam and go back to the job.

A third reason why people fail is obstacles. People who fail allow obstacles to get in their way. If you study the history of successful people, you will see that they all share the same commonality when facing obstacles. Failing individuals allow issues to get in the way. Successful people don’t do that. They move forward regardless of the circumstances. Not having money is no excuse. Creative people finds ways to get the money.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why people fail in business and in life. We have to stop letting life kick us around. We must develop a persistent, entrepreneurial spirit that sees not just the present, but the end from the beginning.

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Much Success,

Calvin Moss

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