Why Posting Free Classified Ads Don’t Work

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When affiliate marketers or network marketers start a business, they usually start without a large advertising budget. Due to the lack of funds, entrepreneurs turn to free classified ads for exposure. The issue with posting free ads is that every business owner or affiliate is posting free information. Just look at any website offer free ads.

There are tens of thousands of advertisements and many entrepreneurs are posting the same exact thing. So how does a prospect decide which business program to join? Posting free ads on classified websites do not work because everyone and their mama are listing ads. So it’s really hard to distinguish which business program is a fit.

I have heard of people doing well with free face book advertising. However, you have to be savvy when you market to prospects. You cannot across as a spam artist. Nevertheless, paid over free advertising is best unless you are doing video marketing. Google and face book pay-per-click ads work well assuming you have a budget. If not, you tube video marketing is the way to go. Mostly, anything free will yield poor conversion results.

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In conclusion, free classified are time consuming because you are competing with other marketers for the attention of the prospect. In addition to that, there are too many ads for the prospect to sift through. Paid classified are less time consuming because only a handful of marketers are willing to pay, or are able to pay, for ad space. Therefore, your campaign will be seen by more prospects. As a result, you will make more sales.

Much success,

Calvin Moss





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