Redraw Your Circle

There is an ole saying that goes birds of a feather flock together. In society, you are identified by the company you surround yourself with. There comes a point in time where you decide to break away from the pack to fulfill a passion that’s in your heart. This passion is foreign to your friends and family. It is foreign because they cannot understand why you are doing what you do. Sometimes it is those same individuals who bring ridicule and embarrassment because they can’t see your vision. For this reason, you have to redraw your circle.

When I say redraw your circle, I’m not talking about drawing on a sheet of paper. I’m talking about changing the company of people that you keep. When you have a passion and a vision for what you are doing it is imperative that you develop your mind to allow yourself to succeed. One of the worst feelings in the world, is to have an unsupportive spouse. Millions of people who get started in business often have someone close to them who will not or cannot see their vision. They are the doubters and complainers and always talk about why something can’t or won’t work as opposed to why something can and will work.

Your net worth is connected to your network. So if your net worth is lacking, it can be attributed to your network. There is no “I” in team and the popular acronym for TEAM is together everyone achieves more. At this time, I would like to offer some tips on redrawing your circle.

1. Join networking groups that are supportive and share the same interest you have.

2. Choose and associate yourself with a mentor who has done what you are doing.

3. Go to seminars and learn strategies that will help you move forward in your business endeavors and meet people there and exchange information with them.

4. Read books and articles on relationship building.

In conclusion, redrawing your circle is a must if you want to succeed. You must surround yourself with people who have the mindset you have because that’s what successful people do. The ideas mentioned above are not new. However, they work when you put them into practice over time. I hope you get value from this. Keep moving forward.

Calvin Moss

Much success

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