Job Security Or Financial Independence?


When you were a teenager, you were told to go to school to get a safe and secure job. You were told that the only way to make something of yourself was to get a bachelor’s degree then return to school to get a master’s degree in order to make your security a sure thing. That’s what your parents did so that’s what you should do. After all, it’s the American way. Is their really a such thing as a safe and secure job? I doubt it because I see more layoffs of people from secured jobs than the creation of secured jobs. Take a look at the facts below:

-Target in January announced it was taking out 1,175 jobs, including 465 layoffs (source: USA today).

-Microsoft announced planned headcount reduction of up to 18,000! (source: USA today).

-Hewlett-Packard told investors that it plans to cut an additional 11,000 to 16,000 jobs (source USA today).

-Coca cola plans to cut 1,000-2,000 jobs globally in the coming weeks (source: CNBC).

-BP oil will cut thousands of jobs across its global oil and gas business by the end of next year in a $1 billion restructuring program-whatever the heck that means (source: REUTERS).

-3,700 job cuts this fall will hit 11 percent of sprint employees company wide (source: Kansas City Star).

Wait! I can hear many of you saying, I work for the city, state, federal government sector. We have strong unions! Well guess what? The federal, state and city governments are broke. The federal government has been broke since around 1933. If that was not so then why do we need to keep raising the debt ceiling? Our gross domestic product or GDP is about 14 trillion dollars while our debt is about 18 trillion dollars not including the unfunded liabilities such as social security, Medicaid and Medicare total over 100 trillion. Recovery? What recovery? In addition, the unions collective bargaining power is being reduced by lobbyists. Furthermore, the city, state and federal sectors are redlining it. The city of Detroit is the test model along with Sacramento, California. To sum this part up, The corporations and banks are primarily funding the public sector so guess who really runs the show? Can you also guess who funds the NYPD? It’s not city revenues, it’s JP Morgan.

Job security is an obsolete ideal because good paying jobs are shipped overseas. The sad part is that parents continue to instill the same failing belief system into our children hoping that things work out. I feel that as long as we continue to place our confidence into a broken system we will continue to be deceived.

Deception is big business. We bought into it hook, line and sinker. It is time that people wake up and realize that the program of success that we were fed was nothing but a recipe for failure. Why would people choose job security when they can choose financial independence? The problem is that most people think that job security is financial independence because they went to school, have a job and earn their own money. Financial independence is the road less traveled because personal accountability is necessary. Even though we’re adults, we cling to job security as a baby clings to a bottle because many of us not all, are possibly too immature to care for our own financial affairs. Worse yet, we refuse to learn.

In conclusion, financial independence is way much better than job security because your income is not dictated by an employer. It is dictated by you. You control your time, therefore you control your life.

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