The Insecurity Of Job Security

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50 or 60 plus years ago, you could work for a corporation for 20 years, retire and the company would assume the responsibility of taking of you for the rest of your life. Even if you didn’t have a college degree, you could find a good paying job and do well. In those days, America had a solid manufacturing base and was the production engine and model for nations abroad. The salaries paid to employees were so sufficient that only one income was necessary to support a family. The woman stayed home and took care of the children. There was no need for a nanny.

I believe people were happier back then than there are now. The economy was booming and people had a good sense of security. Life was good for the common man. This was the era of the industrial age. Now, in the information age, it is no longer the company’s responsibility to take care of you when your working years are over. It is now your sole responsibility to care for your financial obligations. Many not all, pension plans are now being replaced with 401k plans.

In the old days, there was a sense of loyalty between you and your employer. Today, those days are over. Corporations expect you to be loyal to them but they are not loyal to you. If you make a mistake, some companies will fire you. It doesn’t matter if you have 15 years or 15 days on the job.

A company’s biggest expense is healthcare. The bigger the corporation, the bigger the expense. These establishments do not want to pay for your medical coverage because your health benefits are cutting into their profits. You probably heard of the words outsourcing and downsizing. Those words basically mean you’re fired. The multinationals care more about their profits than the people who helped them make their profits.

It is more profitable for a partnership to outsource your job overseas because they don’t have to pay for medical coverage, sick and vacation days. Furthermore, the company’s tax base is significantly lowered. How would you feel if your employer sent one of his flunkies to inform you that the company is no longer paying for you and your family’s benefits?

This is the beauty of network marketing. Network marketing companies save money by not paying for our healthcare benefits but in exchange, they offer us the opportunity to create freedom within their organization therefore, sharing the profits with us, the independent business owners. They also save money by allowing us to advertise their products and services. It’s a win-win situation. Try that with a job.

The unemployment numbers are higher than what the “experts” are telling us. I know the last thing anyone wants to talk about is a lack of job security but we have to address it personally because our political leaders are lying to us. There is something about the word security that gives people a good feeling. It’s easier to let an employer provide for your security than you provide it yourself because our school system indoctrinated us to be dependent on the system instead of independent. However, times are changing and changing fast. We are living in a new economy. You have to learn new skills that will help you survive and thrive in the new economy.

There is an undeclared war against the middle class and the shots have already been fired. If you know in your hearts that something is wrong and are ready to do something about it, I want to hear from you.

In conclusion, remember that the job you have today, you may not have tomorrow. Security is synonymous with the word slavery and slaves are very secure. Why not choose freedom? Understand that the only economy that matters most, is your own.

Much Success,

Calvin Moss

One thought on “The Insecurity Of Job Security

  1. Boy is this right on…. Job security is a MYTH…. thanks for sharing Calvin….great post

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